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  • 4 Ways to Wear This Season’s Sharpest Geometric Jewelry Trends

    4 Ways to Wear This Season’s Sharpest Geometric Jewelry Trends Learn how adding a few angles and edges will shape up any jewelry wardrobe Geometric jewelry trends are soaring in popularity. What’s more compelling, though, is the spread of industries this trend covers. Smartphones are squarer and sleeker. Cars are more shapely and look futuristic. […]

  • How are Pearls Formed?

    How are pearls formed? Discover pearl’s allure perfect for June and far beyond—   To limit pearls to June birthdays would be a lot like limiting water to streams and ponds. Pearl beauty, appeal, and style — whether freshwater or saltwater — finds its way into almost every woman’s wardrobe. And thanks to cultured pearls, […]

  • Eye-Catching Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

    Looking for a special gift for your loved one? Let your special someone know how much you care with one of these gifts specially put together for you!   LAFONN: Both playful and romantic, Lafonn has designs to suit every woman’s taste.   E.L. DESIGNS: These items will make every woman’s wishes come true.  From […]

  • How to Wear Jewelry for Holiday Parties

    Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and Christmas and New Years parties will be here before you know it.  Don’t be caught unprepared for the many office and house parties ahead.  Here are some ideas to help you prepare for everything from a casual office party to a formal gala.  Remember, the best way […]

  • Pearls and Crystals

    Have you seen what we can do with your pearls?A wave of a magic wand and your pearls are ready for The Ball, your Wedding Day or just because you can never wear too much bling! Wondering what to wear for the big day?Let us transform a family heirloom into something magical for your wedding day