Let us thoroughly inspect, as well as professionally clean and polish, your jewelry while you wait… at no cost.

Should a piece of your jewelry need additional attention our experienced staff will be able to advise you of the various options and together we can decide on the best remedy for you.

Our in house craftsman can provide the service needed to restore your treasured jewelry.

Repair services including but not limited to:

  • Diamond setting
  • Replace missing or worn prongs
  • Sizing rings
  • Specialty ring sizing for hard to fit knuckles
  • Solder ring sets together
  • Refinish with a polished, antiqued or satin finish
  • Repair chains
  • Repair or replace clasps
  • Re-string pearls
  • Inside ring engraving

We recommend that you remove your jewelry before engaging in any activity that will expose it to chemicals, impact, or rough surfaces.

Gold and silver are naturally soft materials which can be scratched or dented if exposed to harsh conditions.

While gemstones are hard materials, a sudden blow can cause a chip or break.