• Updated Ring from Mom

    The ring she inherited from her mother was beautiful but a little dated. By adding a wide gold band we were able to keep the original design but give it a modern twist.

  • Wondering What To Do

    By scattering all of the mismatched diamonds from pieces that are no longer worn we designed this easy to wear band.

  • One of A Kind

    This design was inspired by the cut of this beautiful Green Tourmaline. Just add .60ct of diamonds for this stand out ring.

  • Combining Many Pieces

    The challenge was, what do you do with several unmatched diamonds that you have inherited from Grandma and a ring that was a gift from your father that you love but the style does not fit who you are today. The solution was to design three unique rings that can be stacked together or worn […]

  • Treasures

    Family vacations to Florida always included opening an oyster in hopes a discovering a pearl. A childhood collection of many different colors and sizes was combined in this pendant and ring set to accentuate the uniqueness of each pearl.      

  • Loving Memory

    This beautiful and very sentimental heart pendant was made using a wife’s diamond wedding band for the bail at the top and the diamonds in her engagement ring for a cluster in the center. The surrounding heart is her husband’s wedding band.

  • Mother and Daughter

    This custom ring is a special way for a daughter to always have her mother with her by combining both Mother and Daughters birthstones in one unique piece.